The perfect company name

A strong brand name is essential when starting a business or developing a product. Because the name is the most important part of the branding process: it ensures that your brand stands out, appeals to the right customers, stays in their minds, and eventually sells.

With this online course, you'll be able to develop your brand name entirely on your own-without the help of an agency, without the need to wait, and without the need to spend a lot of money. In this workshop, you'll learn how to create your perfect brand name in a short amount of time using ten years of agency experience and professional methods.

The course covers not only the actual naming process, but also all relevant auditing processes for your brand-which is crucial for you.

Because in the naming process, strategic and legal checks are critical. If you, for example, develop a name that already exists, you could face serious consequences, ranging from a warning letter to an injunction. Imagine you're already in business and you need to change your name again-that would be a financial disaster. This course will teach you how to develop your brand name in a methodical and methodical manner, using all of the tricks and methods used by naming agencies, so that you avoid making the same mistakes. One popular way to come up with a good business name is using a business name generator, that will spill out hundreds of unique names within a few seconds.

Finding a needle in a haystack that no one else has found before you is similar to naming. As a result, naming is not entirely creative, but rather follows a system that aids in the development of a unique name.

Your brand will perform better if your name fits your product, your brand promise, and your ideal customers. And it's for that reason that this naming strategy begins here: This course will help you develop your positioning and unique selling propositions, as well as analyze your ideal customers so that your brand name can be best matched to them. It is then very simple to generate a large number of names using the naming methods, which you can then test for suitability and availability in a systematic and well-founded manner. As you can see, naming is a methodical process that does not necessitate creativity as a prerequisite for this course.

Who else could it be if not you? You have the best sense of your brand's vibe and spirit, you know your product, and you can put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers better than anyone else. And that's exactly what you'll learn in this course.

A branding agency may not be aware of all of these factors at first and will need to research the subject in order to develop your ideal brand name. You can do the same with this course, only faster and for less money, because, as an entrepreneur and brand owner, you are one step ahead of any agency. All you have to do is put your vibe on paper with the help of this online course and use the Six Step Strategy methods to find your brand name. Bottom line: you have the best opportunity to create a brand name for your company and product! By the way, our branding agency, which has been in operation for ten years, works exactly according to this scheme.