Welcome to the Irish Xiles (Na Deori Gael) website. Long, long, time ago, the Duffy family emigrated to America.  Leaving behind their families and friends they set off from Dublin and landed in St. Louis.  There they pitched their tents and began singing.  They have been singing ever since, in bars and restaurants around the American Midwest.  Ray plays guitar and bass and has the fastest rendering of the Rattling Bog in the world.   Steve plays every instrument known to mankind on his keyboard.   Dec plays guitar and now and again the mandolin.  Damien plays conga drums and other percussion instruments. They all do a bit of singing.  They are a Tallaght Band in St. Louis. The band are working on their third CD which was recorded live. Thank you for stopping by the Xiles site.  Please stay a while, sing a few songs and sign the guestbook or sign up for our google group just below to let us know you’ve been here.